Karen Mills

Wolrd Wide Word of Faith Church

Karen Mills has been W3FC’s Accounting/Office Administrator since 2010.  She has been involved in the accounting profession for over 35 years.  She has her own accounting and tax business and is thrilled that she can put her skills and experience to use for W3FC.  After Karen’s first visit to W3FC in 2010, she knew that W3FC would be her permanent Church home.  The fact that she found a church nestled in Palm Harbor which she has been calling home for the past 31 years excited her greatly.  W3FC is a church that teaches its people directly from the Bible, teaches about the Holy Spirit and how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  At W3FC, you can continually grow as a child of God because W3FC offers the tools to do so.

Karen is married to her husband of 30 years, Sterling Mills.  She has two adult children,  April-Sterling and Sterling.  (Sterling is a special family name for many generations of the Mills.)