Pastor Kelli Snow

Senior Pastor Kelli Snow received Christ at age 9 and has been active in the ministry ever since. She holds a BA in Fashion Merchandising from the University of Tennessee.

After graduation in 1986 she moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA in Pre-Law. During this time, she worked full time as a paralegal in a law firm, while also working as an Associate Youth Pastor.

Kelli met Pastor Lonnie at a youth camp in Big Bear California, and in 1988 married and moved to pastor in Lawrence KS.

Pastor Kelli was ordained in 1992 and has carried the call of preaching Gods word with an emphasis on the message of “God is good.” She has a very expressional and personal way to reach out to people, it’s one reason W3FC feels like a family.

You might catch Kelli out with friends drinking double espresso lattes and watching the newest chick flick.

She has also worked with the children’s ministry since the very beginning and continues to keep the children feel not as though they are just the future but that they are also the present and have purpose in the church today.